Sunday, July 13, 2008


Went, raced en came back from EBI 2 without any damage. A nice result on it's own beeing witness to several others that did break something...
Friday was sweet, nice weather, good camping spot and already some nice cars on the site. Builded up tents before we went to the techical inspection with our ridez. I was a bit anxious to check out the drag strip. We decided to go 4 a first run taking the oppertunity of the nice weather. First attempt was really bad 18.78 sec!!! The car was not reacting like it should, so tried a second time... 17.70 sec Still bad. I was pissed and feeling a bit down. Hoping to do better the next day, it rained throughout the whole day... On sunday the sun was smiling again and so it was time to make another run! Being among the first 10 cars I felt stupid cause they were all fiberglass beasts roaring there 2.3l and up turbo engines... Of I went and the result was better, a lot better 15.6 sec on a quarter mile. I was feeling good. Not bad form a street car, Don't you think?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Solved and preparing

So regarding to my last subject... it has been solved! Seemed to be an ignorance by myself to check the fuel filter every now and then. Fitted a new one and the thursty lady can drink again as much as she wants. Next Friday I'll be setting course to Chimay for the second Bug-Inn. Still taking some bigger jets with me, in case I need them on the drag strip!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Still need to modify

The bug-in second edition is getting closer, like about 3 weeks and so checking everything twice isn´t a waste of time. Went to a meeting last week taking a one hour drive to get there and as I was giving full throthle, she stopt accelerating round 5000 rpm, started to lose speed and was chocking. conclusion? The engine became( after the latest modifications) very thursty and needs bigger fuelpipe to provide her with the neccesary amount of fluide she needs to quench her thurst. So went to the store and bought fuel hose with inner diameter 8mm and also bigger emulsion tubes for the carbs. hope the will do the trick. Back to modifing and testing...
All I have to do afterwards is changing the front tyres and painting the muffler.
With a bit of sun and a whole lot of bugs the second Bug-In on the 4th of July Will be an excellent weekend where I’ll take her for her first quarter mile in her Bug live.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting ready again

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Transformations

Well I've sold my notchback, so no next project with that car... Started again on the Bug. New transmission case prepared for the quater mile. Took alot of time and effort together with a bit of proffesionel help, but still I did a nice job. Brake drums, flasks and all other metal parts in the aria of the engine and transmission case were sandblasted and painted for a cleaner look. Then she can come back to her old self by resting again on her alloy shoes. The engine is going to be optmised with a Petronix ignition system, the cylinderheads can be worked a bit more, a new camshaft will replace the W-120 and the stainless steel exhaust system is almost ready. Straight cut cam gears are taking over the helical cut one's and a Kennedy stage 1 clutch will be taking care of good shifting.
Still a lot to do... but it's for a good cause

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Having a break

Long time I know...
Sometimes you just have to pass and take a break. Having a lot of work lately, time came short in my hands and so I had to let go some meetings. The bug is lifted up at front and all of the jointballs replaced. Even the front tires are being changed because bolt spots ruled... Everything should be fixed this week so she'll be ready for next weeks wedding ( another one). And then.... every day will be a day closer to Spa..

Sunday, May 14, 2006


At last.... The pictures from my seats... Check them out!!
Several meetings have been passed and so far no problems what so ever ( not that I was expecting any )

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back at work

So after a little break it's back to business... Last week I dismantled my seats so that only a heap of metal and springs were over. Ready to bring them to the shop for sandblasting and paintwork. Afterwards they're heading for the next shop where they will be covered in their new outfit.( hope that I get the opportunity to get "before and after pictures" before it's finished. On Monday I got my package I ordered at CB- Performance so that the assembly of my typ3 engine can continue... Will try to add some pic's too.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

My next project..

This is my Notchback from 1967 I bought a few years ago and is still waiting to get his "face-lift" The chassis has been renewed and painted, all brakelines are new and I also the steering parts are replaced. The brake drums where sandblast and powdercoated together with the dustplates behind the discs and the coverplates at the bottem of the chassis. Next chapter would be the gearbox and reassemble the engine ( a standard 1600cc with an 110 Engle cam and a pair of 36 Dell' Orto carburetors).
Here's the adress to my weblog for this project

Monday, November 21, 2005

Ice Ice Baby...

Now that Winter's setting in the time has come to give her some rest. Once a week the key makes a right turn so she can breathe some fresh air. Small maintenance jobs are a must so an oil change, spark plug verification, brake fluid check up are planned. Also a new indicator relay will replace the broken one. Now that the back seat has been removed again, I can take my time to think about a new way to fit my new set of carpets. With a bit of luck the front seats are given a whole new cover in simili and the frames sandblast and repainted in black. When she gets out next season she'll be shiny again.